Aesthetic feeling as a sense of ordering

I have experience with aesthetic feeling not only in the field of free art but also in two areas of design. For many years I have designed glass for industrial production in Kavalier glassworks. I studied graphic design at "Hollarka". Sometimes I made graphic design a living. I taught about aesthetics in art history. It is a feeling that we all have in some form, but its interpretations vary. Like every time, it has its own. We dress, arrange the dwelling, this also belongs here.

Is there anything in common that goes across all fields and at the same time corresponds to nature? When I work in the field of graphic design, when you organize a lot of elements into a single expression, I thought it was actually a sense of ordering. This is what you need in graphic design as well as designing functional shapes, arranging exhibitions, architecture and free art. Even in music, theater and film. Cooking art included!

Personally, I like it when it has the idea, but my taste buds on it do not last. In cooking and baking tradition are many foods that carry the festive commemoration of major religious festivals.

It must be properly arranged! The key to the layout of the magazine is mostly the content of the text and to who it is intended, according to which we choose not only illustrations but also fonts and image formats, colors, and much more. It is always important that this does not fall into detail, that the whole is balanced, interconnect, has more or less tension or relaxation, and has an expression appropriate to time, content and purpose. When designing an industrial design, you have to take into account the type and function of the product, the production possibilities and give it a contemporary shape concept. Sometimes, where the product will be exported also plays a role.

Beautifully arranged nature magic panoramas enchant us. Beauty, wildness, strength, smell, sounds, day and season affect us, playing the strings of ancient ties. For other ugly industrial landscapes, when it is what you remember from childhood, it will revive your memories and evoke stored feelings that may not be ugly at all. The order within you corresponds to the order around you. In the end even a disheveled can be a fashionable hairstyle! Arrangements according to need, according to personality, according to national customs, according to age, according to…, according to…

Is it something more general? What can a sense of ordering be useful in the wild? The works of art of some animals do not match the human ones - the art and music. From a practical point of view, a simple perception of order may be much more important. Recognize the traces of uncombed grass, hear disharmony in impending danger. Get to know the colors of juicy places.

How organized are we? That is a question! It goes from the arrangement of quantum into atoms, atoms into molecules, those into cells, then into organs, into bodies. And that's not all, there is still the organization of families, cooperating groups, nations and states where we belong. We cannot do without the arrangement of other nature. And what about the arrangement of the universe! I think having a sense of organization is really useful! At the same time, we see that this is a much wider area, and that aesthetic feeling is perhaps only part of it. The sense of ordering has led people to mathematics, to the grammar of languages, and now it is up to the organization of the inner world, and this includes the grammar of the language of dreams and art.

There are also disciplines that suddenly use almost everything, music, movement, art, composition geometry, rhythm and language. The sense of order here has a lot of work to do. Scientists also have a sense of order. The simplest and witty is the best.

If aesthetic sensation is part of our sense of ordering, kitsch is a superficial imitation of grace that does not have flattened base layers. But beware; there is a very contemporary question! Are there superficial imitations of ugliness that also do not reflect the depths of the soul? Which are given by fashion influences?

Do you find this definition of aesthetics unusual? Isn't it appropriate for this mysterious philosophical discipline? I chose a language spoken by natural sciences! The definition needs to be as simple as possible and as general as possible! In this way it corresponds to the manifestations of other animal species and at the same time it is a tool of communication. This fits the practice of many disciplines.

Thanks to the arrangement of works according to experiences, according to our moods, we can pass on moods and feelings. They can concern the personal or societal level. It's easy to do, you tune in and you try to embody that tuning in the work. Your experiences get to the work themselves - simply the war will be significantly signed, anger, hatred or love will be signed! And we can say that the aesthetic whole can be arranged according to the felt depot, and it can even be nice; it can be done in hellish action, full of sexual tension, even in the wind of heavenly peace. It can be painting, sculpture or architecture. And when we add to that the spread of art in waves, we see how the silent mail-shared experience (or shape idea, in short, almost anything) gradually weathers until it's a ruin.

It is precisely what can be seen in the galleries of modern art, especially the amazing range of negation and non-acceptance, in which messages from psychic traps can be easily discerned, that have given me the opportunity to understand the workings of aesthetic feeling.

Why isn't such a definition here a long time ago? I wonder myself. Probably does not suit the superiority of man over other animal species! I still remember it from school! Art and love is something that only people have! Animals have instincts!