Oh, This Love!

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I am searching for small laws, recurring regularities in human behavior. I am trying to capture them artistically in the simplest way possible. To point out the important and emphasizing the typical. There are many, and many of them relate to love in a certain way. Let’s start with man-woman attraction. 

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Belle and the Beast 

    The story Belle and the Beast is well known. One possible explanation of this story is that the two main characters represent dual parts of ourselves. The bright and dark side of our personalities. The bright side can be identified with reason and our dark side with instinct. In current civilisation practise and in art that represents it, the dark is usually shown as aroused animal.  Admired for its savageness or an animal tamed by reason. Sometimes the Beast cannot even be seen or heard, and trampled under the earth it covertly harms us. This is a great shame. When in the two characters fall in love, the beast becomes more human. When you use the instinctive combined with reason, the raw instinct becomes more human. 
     In art we use both sides of our personality, consciousness and instinct. A work of art does not have to be banal truth. It can be an overstatement, absurd play and yet we can sense the laws of humanity. If these patterns and laws are missing, or almost missing, the art work is then plain and cannot vibrate anything in ourselves or convey a message to others. 
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The Search for Creative Transformations of the World in Art, Spiritual Systems and Psychology. 
    Because we all explore the same world, it is no surprise that natural relations in life have been investigated by all cultures. Many different perspectives have been proposed.

    My perspective is to view life through an imaginary mirror – i.e. Art. Art is the process of exploring the world through developing sensory perception and feelings for rhythm and proportions, static as well as dynamic balance, etc. The old love of perfection is fulfilled by new insights, or laments over its loss. For a better understanding of the world, I resort to insights from other fields of human activity.

"Money - Power and Disease." I was inspired by Pieter Brueghel, I saw his graphic work at an exhibition in Prague - there is something like a money box where a big figure (a king?) sits. I explained it to me as a state, so I also made the machinery of the state, but similar to a chemical factory . To the left, a frog is sitting on the source, cashing out applicants. The retort producing the tanks can be seen in the middle. There is also a magician on the left doing magic tricks with money… etc. At first I wanted to put an old coin with a portrait of Alexander the Great, but later I decided to put a symbol of today. You can see the players under the stinky cheese hatch.