Cosmic Humour and personification

It's unbelievable what can be personificated! The beginning of the 20th century was full of allegories and personifications. Whenever I go through Mariánské náměstí in Prague, I have to look up at the Art Nouveau building of the city hall. Up at the corner of Clam Gallas's palace sit two statues by Stanislav Sucharda, he looking away, with the courage to face - "Balance Sheet", today we would say "Budget" and she leaned over the papers, carefully responsible - "Deadline" or in today's words "Book keeping". They oversee the order of money there. I keep my fingers crossed for them, it's my city too. But beware; there is also an eagle, a predator on the hunt. Sucharda knew very well what he was doing; the lurking money hunters were, are and will be.

Personification was also widely used in alchemy "Fire and Water". Symbol of Alchemy - combining opposites. I tried to imagine how it might think. How it probably works in the smallest capillaries of our bodies. The point is that we are driven by combustion in the aquatic environment!

How is personification done? It's quite easy. "Budget" or accounting is a kind of time-stopped acting or rather pantomime event. It can come from attitudes and grimaces. They are even more fantastic themes, like my "Venomous moralist" one of the characters on the engraving "Terribly hungry afternoon" (bottom left). He's just so disgusting and poisonous that no one can eat him. On the other hand, masochists, like finger figures, offer themselves here for consumption. There is also a hero with a fork. When he's trying so hard, he also wants something out of it!

"Hungry ghosts" are a big world term. It is a phenomenon of Buddhism, I also met them in the Tibetan book of the dead. New, modernly depicted, you will find them as strange creatures with large bellies and very small mouths like tusks, in the movie "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles. They never have enough. They symbolize total greed. But beware, this is no fantasy, they are here and they are very real. You just can't tell them apart from others at first glance. This metaphor we should remember. And maybe they are something more than a metaphor!

I also looked at Greek mythology a long time ago, where it is clearly full of personifications. Among the characters from the lower pantheon, you will also find „Lady Slander“.

I made an engraving of "Imagination". I have been noticing for a long time that the ideas somehow float before our eyes, somewhere about 20-30 cm in front of our heads. The first thing a lot of artists draw is small pictures up to 10 x 10 cm - that's the original size. Such small images are sometimes exposed. I saw them at the exhibition of Henry Moore, at Jan Zrzavý and others. I draw them myself. That's the way it is that we project ideas somewhere in front of us, not behind ourselves or inside the body. With "Imagination", I didn't stress enough that it was a principle of human imagination, and in the catalogue they promoted it a bit to divine imagination. I admit that it surprised me, I would imagine the divine much more magnificently, but who knows.

Could I even do a subject that belongs to the divine realm? I came up with "Cosmic Humour." It is perhaps the paradox of the world, of fateful malice that a person boasts of his ignorance of things when he slaps his chest and thinks he knows it better than others! And that can cost him working place, or he will show himself as a complete idiot in front of everyone. In fact, it is a reality provided training, which if you accept and understand, you may work better next time. Divinely beneficial! From experience, I feel that there is more to it than the austere reality, that there are synchronicities in it, because the timing is usually masterful, that there is something divinely mysterious behind it! If I design him well, maybe he will help me like a mascot, like… But watch out for him, he'll get you, he just freaks out!


"Cosmic Humour"

How to make a personification of the forces that kick a person in the ass when he boots up?

And yet I think he likes us. He watches lovingly as we had ourselves deceived and laughs mischievously as it eats us. He enjoys while we learn. Cosmic Humour is an ally of those who go through the creative process, with a view, they will learn to recognize their talents and strengths, and they will understand where their place is. They even have seemingly unattainable visions, and yet they often find a way to realize them. Not just for yourself. With his help people expose the pitfalls in the form of traps and does not subscribe to the devil of money.

My Cosmic Humour has more eyes, but there should be an infinite number of them. There is also a view into space with a comet that could threaten a catastrophe. There is the light of consciousness. There is darkness and much more. On the darker, more serious side is a lion, an owl and a vulture. They will eat you when you permit it!

He is WE, he breathes with us, he matures with us and some human ambitions are from his point of view… Well, maybe he says to himself: "They deceive themselves!" He can see billions of stories and maybe even he has the opportunity to pull the strings?! Maybe he's waiting for all his parts to get wise, naive? I'm afraid I'm naive, that he has time to wait. He knows why and he definitely doesn't do it with folded arms! In fact, it is not only WE, the experiences of life in general are stored in it, not only human, but they are also stored in each of us. Each of us can get to them, but the first thing you come across when you enter this "underworld," the subconscious, are the traumas — yours and your family's, and maybe some more. These deep-seated traumas will distort your view of the world (they do, even if you don't know about them), and they will do so until you bring them to light and get rid of them. Then you will need a lot of extra courage to be able to do without them and change your behaviour. Cosmic Humour - this force that I tried to show here leads us to human maturation and perhaps even harmony with the planet. It gives us a chance. It would be a shame not to use it.

But beware; there are also forces that are trying very hard to destroy us.